Monday, September 29, 2008

Gambling for kids

Well, we took Eli and 3 of his friends to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday on Sunday. It is sort of a pizza place, but mostly an arcade for little kids. I had some coupons for pizza and tokens. Amazingly enough, the boys did eat and not just play games. We spent a couple of hours there and finally decided that places like this are like gambling for kids.

Why? Here is my reasoning...

1) Definite overstimulation - sounds, lights, movement - very similiar to a casino.

2) The kids can keep playing with tokens and "win" tickets for great prizes (bouncy balls and plastic toys that break before you get home). It is this hope of winning the keeps them coming back to the table begging for more tokens!

3) My daughter just had to conquer this game called the flaming finger - she admitted that it was addicting as she just kept adding tokens until she won. And then she wanted to win again after she had felt that euphoric feeling.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. The kids had fun and were occupied for a couple of hours - and not dirtying my house.

So, Happy Birthday ELI!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Funny News Article-To Have and to Haul

This was in our paper and we read it during lunch. It is a tradition in WI where the men carry their wives through this obstacle course to win prizes. Most of the prizes are award based on the wives weight. For instance you can win your wives weight in beer or bratwurst. I wonder if my husband would be willing to try this. Maybe if I lose those 10 pounds I have be trying to for so long...



I don't have much time, but feel like I have much to share. Life is good and busy, which I actually like within reason. It keeps me from worrying and making bad choices that lead me down not so good paths. So here is a list of things that have been occupying my time.

1) Work:) I know, imagine that! We have a new schedule this year and I am spending a lot more time planning than I have had to do in the past. I am also trying to be a better communicator with the parents, which takes time. I also had to make up some time for inservice. Kind of silly, but at least it is done.

2) Swimming:) and the daughter. I have maybe bitten off more than I can chew here. I help run the scoring table and I am the treasurer for the booster club. Too much data coming in to this older brain. She is doing well this year - adjusting to high school homework and 3 hours of practice every night.

3) Teaching the daughter to drive. She usually drives us to school in the morning unless we are running late. I am almost to the point where I can take my eyes off the road.

4) The sons birthday is this weekend. He will be nine. He is having a party at Chuck E. Cheese's. I don't have to plan a ton, but had to get the invitations out to his friends. Where does the time go? Top items on his list is an electric scooter and nerf lazer tag guns. He is a boy through and through.

5) I have also been sucked into a few tv shows and the premieres started this week. We watch "Big Bang Theory"(Monday), "Biggest Loser"(Tuesday), "New Knight Rider"(Wednesday) and "Chuck" will reappear next Monday. I will need to record "Big Bang" and watch later.

6) My husband has dragged me away from the tv a couple of nights for my 25 minutes of torture better known at the eliptical at the YMCA.

Thanks for reading - I want to go read some blogs myself.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shopping Trip

As I was waiting in line at Wal-Mart, I was wondering what the cashiers (or anyone really) would be able to find out about me from the items I purchased. I think that it would be fascinating.

So, here is the list of items I purchased and then I will imagine what someone would be able to tell about me. See if you could figure anything out.

2 boxes of Cookie Crisp Cereal
IAMS bag of weight control cat food
Bottle of strawberry flavored water - Sam's Club brand
Sam's Club trail mix
12 rolls of double roll toliet paper
2 bottles of Purex laundry detergent
2 bottles of Sam's Club Bleach
Fish food
Half and Half
2 packages of Maxi pads
Cloth adhesive tape - for bandages/cuts
Band-aids - off brand
RV winterizing antifreeze
2 packages of flushable wipes
2 boxes of 100 ziploc sandwich bags
1 box of 50 quart size ziploc bags
Heavy duty self-adhesive velcro strips
cordless telephone
1 bottle of fabric softener

I would say that I definitely have children. Many things give that away- cookie crisp cereal, band-aids (which seem to be on my monthly list), and the flushable wipes.

Second, I have pets. Specifically fish and cats. That one was pretty simple to figure out.

I don't live alone. I am buying way too much toliet paper to be living by myself.

I may have just done laundry or need to do laundry with the amount of detergent I bought. (I actually need to do it and ran our of soap)

Someone likes to drink coffee. In a bunch of groceries half and half may not be a sign, but it seems to be a random food item that needed purchasing (yes, it is true, but it is for my husband).

Own a camper, again, the winterizing fluid is a dead giveaway.

Kids possibly take lunches to school - thus the sudden need for so many sandwich bags. (Actually it is for me and the husband - we take lunch and they eat at school usually)

That is all I have, just was an interesting thought!

Is there anything that you can find out about me from these purchases? Just chime in..


Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Fave Five

Wow! Has it really been almost a month since I last entered a post? Life has been full, full, full. I am going to include some of my faves since the last time just to catch some of you up on what is going on here at Riezzee's Place. Join us at Living to Tell the Story and see what others are enjoying this week.

1) Charity passed her driver's ed class with 120%. I would say that she is an overachiever. Like her mother? Maybe. She then took the big permit test and only missed one. She is now able to drive with us - her lucky parents. We started in the parking lot and have moved to city/country streets around our house. I am fairly confident in her ability, but I still push down on that imaginary brake pedal in the car. Tell me this will get easier?

2) Successful start to school for mom, dad and kids. Charity is now at the high school with me, in fact I have her as a student in class. So far so good. Eli has his first male teacher and has had a good time. Roger has a full load of unmedicated ADHD kids. He will be going through lots of coffee this year to keep up.

3) Got a couple scrapbooks caught up. This is so therapeutic for me. Charity now has two books completed. Working on getting pictures ready for this summer's activities.

4) Joined the neighbors on Labor Day for Garbage Can Turkey. Sounds weird but tastes delicious! They basically dig a pit and covered a turkey with a metal garbage can. Put coals around and on the trash can. Cook for 2 hours. It is like an outdoor oven, perfect for the 90 degree weather we had. Perfect end of summer feast.

5) Enjoyed a great day at the Minnesota State Fair. We ate our way through the fair like we always do. They moved some of our favorite food items, so we just tried some new ones to replace them. It is an all day affair looking at animals, art and hearing music. What total fun!

I think that is all from here. Thanks Suzanne for hosting.