Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Bathroom humor...

Just got back from shopping at the mall. After my interesting finds at a gas station bathroom in Chicago, I just had to take notice of what was available in this bathroom.

So, in addition to the regular, tampons and feminine napkins ($1) you could purchase tic-tacs ($1) and a variety pack of fruit hard candy ($1).

Well, I guess that the clientele in the mall is a little different than the Holiday station in Wisconsin. . . I suppose that is a blessing !

Thanks for reading.

Summer over?

Well, it truly must be close to the end - the shopping frenzy has started! Why is it that this always occurs before I go back to work? I don't get paid for another two weeks, but then school will have started. I always get a few things and then Charity saves her money to buy the stuff she really wants!

I am actually really proud of her shopping smarts. She has a limit of what she will buy and how much it should be - so out are the $50+ jeans. She works too hard for her money. Maybe I did something right here.

The boy did not even want to go shopping, but I made him come with me to get jeans. He just feels that it is a waste of time when he can be using these last hours of summer to play! To him shopping is just torture - trained up like any good male.

I return to teacher in-service days on Wed (big sigh). I always have mixed feelings about this - like I never really did everything I wanted to do. But, I must have done what God wanted me to do and that is the most important.

We still have a couple of "big" adventures ahead. We are going to the local amusement park on Tuesday with Roger's sister. That should be interesting. Let me just say that his sister is high maintenance and I am not. Roger said that we will just go and enjoy ourselves and not to worry about his sister. Amen to that!

The last hurrah every year is going to the State Fair. This is a big deal here - one of the best in the country it is told. Growing up in CO, we didn't ever go to the state fair. Maybe it is a midwest thing. Regardless, we go and eat our way through the fair and see pigs, cows and rabbits. What more fun could one have?

I guess that is all for now. Hope your back-to-school shopping is on track.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Fave Five for Friday

Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story started this and I thought I would play along since I have the time today. She asked us to list our 5 favorite things that happened this week. This might be a good way for me to be a little more thankful!

1. Watching the Olympics. I am dead tired from staying up too late and then getting up early to take the girl to swim practice. It just amazes me the dedication it takes to be that good in a sport. You almost have to live, eat and breathe your sport. It is also a fun family thing - we watch and cheer together.

2. A chance to go shopping by myself. I am not much of a shopper, but it was a chance to get away and look at my leisure. No real bargains, but good time alone.

3. Fresh string beans from the garden. My beans are growing and producing much fruit. I love the taste of fresh from the garden string beans.

4. Reading. I am going to miss my time to read. I have been able to just sit and read this summer. Once school starts I am crazy busy and don't have the time to read.

5. Laughter. We find odd things funny in our house. We were watching an old episode of Little House on the Prairie - one when the preacher falls in love with the widow and they get married. Mrs. Oleson meddles and calls the widow a "brazen hussy". We decided that that was the 1800's word for "Ho". So now we use "brazen hussy" instead. Such a great us of the English language!

I hope you stop by at Suzanne's and join us for the fun.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Driver's Ed Impact Panel

My lovely daughter was required to go to this impact panel last Saturday for driver's ed. I drew the short straw and went with her (she got extra credit for dragging a parent with her - is that all I am now, extra credit?). It was a panel of people that had been affected by poor driving decisions.

Okay, maybe I have just heard and seen too many of these as a high school teacher, but I just don't know that sitting in a huge auditorium with 100 other families is going to have a big impact on new drivers. I have a feeling that it is therapeutic for the people speaking to share and feel that what they say makes a difference. I just don’t know if it truly does change driver behavior.

My heart ached for them as they shared the stories of loved ones lost in car accidents. A couple were alcohol relates, a couple were not. They wanted to stress that driving was a privilege and a responsibility and not just fun and games.

I get it. What frustrated me the most was that these people sharing had no hope. They explained how they were taking anti-depressants and how their lives were never going to be the same. None of them expressed a hope in eternity. Where is God in all this? Life is such a precious gift and can change in an instant. Where was the “closure” for these people without the hope of Christ?

I must confess that my heart was hard and I just didn't know how to get over it - still don't. How do I share the Hope of Christ with people that feel so abandoned by Him?

I had mentioned to Charity - since she is critiquing my driving - that you can't control other driver's. You can do your best to stay out of their way and drive defensively, but your life is ultimately in God's hands. I told her that she should be prepared to die. I would be heart broken and miserable if she was killed driving, but I would have hope that she was in heaven. I would know for sure that she was in heaven! We would meet again at the banquet table set out be Jesus himself.

I just pray for those that have lost loved ones - sons, daughters, moms, dads, sisters and brothers. So many are affected when this happens. Yet, there is hope in Christ. How else could you get through it?


Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Charity!

Today she turns 15 and starts driver's ed. Where has the time flown?

*My little girl that wore dresses everyday for 3 years -snow, rain or shine!
*Times when she would run and hug me.
*Reading together in bed.

Yet, some things have not changed all the much

*Independent. Not afraid to wave good-bye at daycare or church.
*Brave. Undeterred to jump in the water and swim.
*Beautiful. Growing more so everyday.

Lord, I am so blessed to have her in my life. I know that you have only loaned her to me. Please continue to help me be the mom that she needs - even among the yelling. Amen.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trip to Chicago

I have returned from a Chemistry adventure in the Chicago area.

I work with some great chemistry teachers. We (three of us) were invited to Flinn Scientific (a chemical supply company that caters to teachers) to watch the filming of chemistry demonstrations. This has been going on all summer long. We decided to make the trip last week.

It was truly amazing - that is if you are a chemistry teacher. We learned how to teach so many concepts better with demos or manipulatives. Anything that I can do to be a better teacher benefits all. The customer service was amazing with free breakfast and lunch, tour of the company, etc. The people working there strive to make you comfortable. We received gifts for attending - even though we learned so much.

On the way home, I was struck by something in the gas station bathroom. There was the common dispenser for feminine products. Not a surprise in a public bathroom. The first spot had 1 tampon for $1. Sounded a little expensive, but when you are in need it is worth it. The second spot had a lubricated condom for $.75. I couldn't quite understand why it was cheaper. I suppose it can be necessary? The last spot had a "surprise fantasy gift" for $.75. There was a chance of getting one of 6 "fantasy" items. What is that about? I was tempted to see what the items were. It just cracked me up!