Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trip to Chicago

I have returned from a Chemistry adventure in the Chicago area.

I work with some great chemistry teachers. We (three of us) were invited to Flinn Scientific (a chemical supply company that caters to teachers) to watch the filming of chemistry demonstrations. This has been going on all summer long. We decided to make the trip last week.

It was truly amazing - that is if you are a chemistry teacher. We learned how to teach so many concepts better with demos or manipulatives. Anything that I can do to be a better teacher benefits all. The customer service was amazing with free breakfast and lunch, tour of the company, etc. The people working there strive to make you comfortable. We received gifts for attending - even though we learned so much.

On the way home, I was struck by something in the gas station bathroom. There was the common dispenser for feminine products. Not a surprise in a public bathroom. The first spot had 1 tampon for $1. Sounded a little expensive, but when you are in need it is worth it. The second spot had a lubricated condom for $.75. I couldn't quite understand why it was cheaper. I suppose it can be necessary? The last spot had a "surprise fantasy gift" for $.75. There was a chance of getting one of 6 "fantasy" items. What is that about? I was tempted to see what the items were. It just cracked me up!

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Susanne said...

Interesting things you have in bathrooms down there in the states. LOL.

So cool that you teachers were treated to that!