Saturday, December 09, 2006

The story of Riezzee

Many might be wondering where the "riezzee" for my blog came from. My family is quite familiar with the story - and I am sometimes embarrassed and flattered by it all at the same time. I have always had a nickname - but it has usually been negative - not really something that I would want to be called or share with someone.

I am a high school chemistry teacher. I teach 10-12th graders - intermingled by grade. Sometimes this makes for interesting combinations of students. Well, last year I ended up with lots of boys that were devoted to the sport they played. For the first semester, I pretty much had the entire varsity basketball team - not in the same class, but spread out fairly equally. In the spring, I ended up with a couple of wrestlers and one of the senior pitchers. It turns out that throughout the past few years I knew most of the baseball team as well. So, I finally used one of my fringe benefits of teaching and attended some of the games for free - Eli accompanied me. He isn't so much into the sports as he is into running around the gym/ballfield and getting snacks during the game.

Anyway, somehow-throughout the term-they coined the name Riezzee from my last name. My husband wasn't sure about the respect issue-finding that our youth is lacking that. To me it was still respectful-and I have been called many disrespectful things. It was borderline. I warmed up to it and that is who I am to this group of boys. I never really want to be liked as an equal with my students, but it is a hard line to walk. How do you impact them without getting to know what is most important to them?

Most of them are seniors this year - and so goes the name. I have always wanted personalized license plates, but never quite found a phase that fit. So, with the renewing of my plates, they now say "Riezzee". It only took me ten years of teaching to find my stride - so for me this is a shining moment.

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Cheri said...

See - I guess I'd have to get a real job to earn a nickname. Who says working isn't rewarding!

Of course, my son calls me many things, but that's a topic for a whole 'nother day! (can you tell we're in a phase right now?)

Cyndee said...

I often wonder if this is where God wants me - in a public school. And I am reminded that this is where we are needed most. I pray that I may be a light to this kids.

Charity will be at the high school in a couple of years. Now that will be a year full of blogs...