Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas 2006

I have truly enjoyed being the parent at Christmas time. The kids don't get everything that they want - only three gifts! It is a different philosophy, but we figure that Jesus only got three gifts, so why should they get more? It really makes us think about the best gift based on our budget. As they get older, they get more expensive. We have decided that even though babies have expenses - it is nothing like having a teenager - phones, computers, clothes, etc. The baby is happy with a bottle and a clean diaper. How life changes so quickly! The big gifts this year were all electronic. Charity got the cellphone she has been begging us for and we got Eli a gameboy advance sp. He had a gameboy already, but the screen did not light up.

I got the corner curio that I had looked at at IKEA. It is a simple design. We did have one delimma. For those of you that have purchased from IKEA, the furniture needs to be assembled. The directions have not words - only pictures. The picture forgot to mention one minor issue - that the predrilled holes for the door had to be placed on a particular side. Most of the time the directions are great - not this time. Roger and I had a choice - go back to step 4 from step 20 or move the magnets and predrill a couple of holes. We choose the seconde option. The door is now on the opposite side then the picture in the catalog shows. I guess that things in our life are not always picture perfect.

Roger got his coffee maker 1200 DCC brewmaster. He has been needing (?) a different coffee maker for awhile. He is sort of a coffee snob and the old standby Mr. Coffee just wasn't cutting it. So, now he has a timer with different settings. Much more complicated than our VCR settings.

I hope that you all had a great Christmas with family and friends.

God Bless


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