Friday, December 22, 2006

Lense implants

I am basically blind without contacts or glasses. Many people that I work with have taken the huge jump and commitment and gotten lasix. I went in before school started in September to see if this was a possiblitlity for me. It really isn't. Apparently, my cornea isn't deep enough to cut anything off of. I was greatly disappointed after finally getting the nerve up to call about the procedure. I really don't mind wearing glasses or contacts. I have dry eyes caused by the climate I live in as well as being on thyroid medication. Wearing the contacts just makes the whole thing worse. I can wear them for about 10 hours before I get an eye headache - you know that kind where you just want to dig your eyeballs out of your head. So, I have been exploring other options.

My eye doctor is part of this lense study. They are trying to get this particular type of lense approved by the FDA. The lense is implanted inside the eye, behind the cornea. This requires surgery where they make a tiny incision and place the lense. This lense has been used in Europe very successfully for the past ten years. There are always side effects anytime you have surgery - especially elective surgery. I just can't imagine waking up seeing... I could get an infection - in fact, this is the most likely cause of problems. Sense this is still experimental - the cost would be almost free instead of 3-4 thousand for each eye. I am thinking of pursuing it. I have a introductory appointment Jan 4th. They will run some more tests to see if I fit the qualifications for the experiment. After all this worrying, I may not even qualify anyway.

So, if you are into praying, say a quick one that I make the best choice.

I will write more after Christmas.


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