Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wanting a surprise for Christmas.

I love my husband and all the wonderful things that he does. I appreciate that he kisses me with bad breathe and doesn't complain that I am wearing those sweat pants again! He is my opposite - concerned about housecleaning items that I didn't even know needed cleaning - like behind the refridgerator or the stove. He is much more into exercise while I prefer sitting (I do that very well!)

So, because he loves me, he tries to get me gifts that I want for Christmas. I try my best not to guess what it is. I like to be surprised. It is hard since we share all bank accounts - he must wait until after the December Visa bill comes to shop. I think that I know what I am getting - exactly what I asked for. It will be a great gift. The kids are doing a great job not telling me that they went to IKEA when I had conferences. It is hidden is several boxes throughout the house, and I have been advised not to snoop. I don't mean to snoop, I just pick up toys and have to go under the bed for stray matchbox cars. I really don't want to know!

I am actually thankful for whatever it is. He is a practical man, wanting the gifts to be used and not just sit on a shelf. I guess that in that way we are very much alike.

I hope that you get all that you want this Christmas.

God Bless,


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