Sunday, December 31, 2006

Raining on New Years's Eve

The weather is always a safe topic in Minnesota - as it was in Colorado. I seem to have picked two states that believe that if you don't like the weather, what an hour. Well, that has not been the case this winter. I feel like I am living in Seattle. We rejoiced over the one inch of snow that we got the Saturday before Christmas - this is very unusual to have to wait this long for snow. I was wishing that I was stuck in the storms in Denver. We haven't seen a good old fashioned blizzard in Denver in many years. Here in MN, we were just wishing for snow instead of rain. We watched the storm with quiet envy - especially the snow mobilers. We had hoped to go snowskiing today - isn't going to happen since the temp is 40 degrees and rain. It just doesn't seem right to ski in the rain? I am praying for my family in Denver.

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