Sunday, December 03, 2006


I blog mostly for myself. It is the best way to process all that happens in my life. Thanks for reading and participating in the ups and downs of life.

Notice the date on this blog. Tickets for the summer music festival called Sonshine went on sale two days ago. This Christian music event of the year is held in Wilmar, MN during the month of July. It is an outdoor festival with four different stages of music playing from 10 am until 10 pm. We went last year as a family and had the best time. The temperature was fairly unbearable, so we are hoping for a cooler three days of music this next summer. We are actually hoping to invite some friends of ours to join us. It is a worshipful party - with the typical teenagers and concession stands galore. Last year a powerful thunderstorm arrived when the Newsboys were suppose to play. It was actually cancelled. Eli was so heartbroken. He just loves their music. He sings with it loudly in the car.

So, the tentative list for Sonshine next year is listed on the website - the Newsboys are scheduled to be there once again. So, come July 12-14th, you can find us in Wilmar, MN rain or shine, enjoying music being played for Jesus.


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