Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Pics of my girl

This is a picture of her extended trio taken by the Forest Lake Times photographer. She is the one in the front. You can read the entire local story here. They took 5th at state as a team. They had hoped to do better, but I am pleased with her progress.

In other news, school is almost over and I am dragging along like the kids. Eli is having fun playing outfield in baseball and he seems to get a hit almost every time at bat. I just wish that the weather would cooperate. We wore our winter jackets yesterday to watch him play - the temp was 50 with a 10mph north wind. He won so I guess it was worth it!

Thanks for reading! Blessings

Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Fave Five # 36

As always, I do not regularly post on Fave Fridays, so my list is not just for this week. I love reading the posts so here is my list. Thanks Susanne for hosting this.

1) Synchronized Swimming: I suppose I would not be such a fan if my daughter had not taken up the sport and excelled in it. I want to direct you to this post to see her duet from this year. I am just always amazed!

2) Planting flowers: I have never really been much of a gardener, but it has been such a joy planting my annuals and just digging in the dirt. The tomatos and peppers are in the garden and I finally made a path in my strawberry patch. I back hurt a little from leaning over, but it was all worth it.

3) New Candles: Yes, it is summer time and candles are usually a winter thing, but my friend had a candle party and I ordered the "mystery candle" box. It was kind of fun seeing what kind of scents came in the bargain box.

4) Good Health: My husband and I both teach and we are grateful that we are healthy. With this new flu virus going around, it seems like we are exposed to it all. The kids seem to be healthy as well. I can't wait to air the house out a little bit.

5) God's Provision: I know that this seems so general. I have really felt thankful for God giving me the talent to teach and work and raise my family. I know so many people are struggling financially and I am grateful to be working. It isn't what I have done, but God blessing me. I am praying that I may use the things He gave me to bless others.

I think that is all for now.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Synchro 2009

I will let the video speak for itself. My daughter is totally amazing! I am so incredibly proud of her. Sections is in two weeks and then onto state. Go Charity!