Thursday, November 29, 2007

The curse has arrived..

...and I am not talking about that monthly gift that God has blessed women with! I am talking about the curse that all mothers pass down to their daughters at some time - the one that says "I hope that you have a daughter just like you someday!" It arrived in full force yesterday.

Let's just say that I was not an angel at the age of 14. I thought that I knew everything, was independent and did not take direction well. You might have described me as stubborn and headstrong. I also said some awful things to my mother. So, when my lovely daughter turned 14, I braced myself for the worst.

We had just gotten home from work/school. I was trying to empty the dishwasher, start dinner and help Eli with his homework - because I like to play super mom! Eli took a break from homework and proceeded to go bother his sister. I yelled for them to stop and get along (this rarely works but lets them know I am listening - hoping they can work it out). I was finally tired (just tired in general) of the squabbling and headed upstairs. I told them to both go to their rooms and just be quiet. I closed the boys door and the girl headed to the living room to watch tv - her mouth running the whole time about how unfair I was and it wasn't her fault, etc, etc. I shut the tv off and sent her to her room also. Under her breath I hear her call me a B-----. I just couldn't believe I had heard this from my daughter's mouth - even more surprised that it was directed at me. I just looked at her - astonished. She ran to her room and slammed the door. I said something about not calling anybody that and left her in her room.

I walked to the kitchen thinking, well, it could have been worse. I remember yelling that directly to my mother's face with a few other expletives added. Charity knew that it was wrong and looked so guilty for even saying it. She was angry, upset at my decision. I am praying for her as she grows and changes and we have conflict - it is only natural.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


for the lab reports and late homework and students after school. This is probably one of the few moments that I can say that my in basket is empty and my grades are currently up to date. Tomorrow I will need to write a quiz and set up a lab, but for now I am just twiddling my thumbs until the clock says it is time to leave. So, here are some of the updated news...

Thanksgiving - uneventful (and in my life that is a good thing!). We went to an early movie and then went to my in-laws for the BIG meal. I am grateful that my mother-in-law makes great gravy - that is all that I am going to say about that. I made the pumpkin pie - according to the Biggest Loser - this is the least fattening of the possible Thanksgiving pie choices. All was calm as we slept off the meal.

On Friday, we broke with tradition. We usually get a tree, but alas, not this year. The girl was complaining over and over again about this travesty. It was just so early that the tree may not make it until Christmas - so we waited until Sunday instead. So ever so slowly, our house is transformed with decorations and lights. This is great this time of year when the sun sets at 4:30 pm - it feels like it is dark all the time!

We spent many days at the YMCA - exercise is over rated. I know that it is good for me. Luckily, the Y we attend has the fancy ellipticals that have a tv attached. So, I really have no excuse to sit at home when I can walk and watch...

Still doing some Christmas shopping - the big present is purchased for the kids (Wii), just looking for some games to go with it. Also need to shop for the husband - any ideas out there?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passive Aggressive Cat

I am writing this post in response to the post at Cheri's blog. She was talking about the antics of her cat and it reminded me of our passive aggressive cat.

Her name is Princess. If a name ever foretold attitude, out cat would be a prime example. She is an only pet. She is more like a dog-cat. She is loyal and is waiting at the door when we come home (only because her food bowl is empty) and keeps a schedule. The time change truly messes with her. We usually arrive home around 4:30, but when the time change came a couple of weeks ago, she was pacing the kitchen at 3:30 expecting her food bowl to be filled. To bad cats can't tell time.

Another example is when it is time for bed. We try to keep a routine for the sake of the children and honestly I get tired early nowadays. But, sometimes on the weekends we will stay up late watching a movie, etc and the cat is again pacing - waiting for us to climb in bed so that she can sleep. It really isn't about us, but about her and her routine.

The truly passive aggressive part comes out when we have a fire going in the wood burning stove. It gets nice and toasty in the basement and we love it on these soon to be snowy days in MN. We have a rocking chair and this has become her spot when the fire is going. If you happen to be sitting there, she just sits in front of you and stares at you. No meowing or scratching, just a simple stare. It is strange to be forced out of a chair by a cat. I tend to just let her stare, but the girl will move and sit on the floor - they have bonded. I just find it hilarious!

Cheri, thanks for giving me a blogging topic for the day. What kind of strange behavior do your pets have?


Monday, November 19, 2007


Another busy weekend - full of activities that we wanted to do as a family(mostly):

*We went to the Y on Sat. am. We are doing a weigh in every week at school. The amount on the scale about put me over the edge. I weighed that much when I was 9 months pregnant - but now it is just me. Yikes! We have plans for going a couple of nights this week. There is nothing good on tv anyway!

*I got to serve in the coffee shop at church. I actually have a great time there. We were very busy, with the windy weather people were craving a special warm drink. I didn't even sit down for 3 hours. It felt wonderful to sit and listen to the sermon during the second service.

*Our church has been encouraging each person to notice one person - at work, in your neighborhood, etc. They even launched a separate website, IT WOULD TAKE A MIRACLE, for our December series. Our mission field is here in our city and God has placed us where we are to be that light. I have been praying off and on for a neighbor for years. I invited her to church last year and she was polite, but never came. I just went to a spa party at her new house and she asked if she could come to church with my family this weekend! WOW!! - God just knew that I was afraid to ask again. I know that my "church" is not perfect, but I always know that the truth of Christ is spoken from the pulpit and I hope that her heart with be changed. I can only do so much and it is exciting when God steps in.

If you think of it, say a prayer for someone that you know that needs Christ - invite them to church - or to coffee. God will do amazing things when we let Him. After all, this is the time of miracles. Let us see what God can do!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!

My husband wanted to boycott his birthday this year - just a reminder of how old he is (so he thinks!). Today is the day! So.


Book Review - Summer by Karen Kingsbury

I truly was impacted by the message behind this book. So many times you read a book - it is a nice story, but doesn't have any lasting affect. I have thought about this particular Kingsbury novel several times since I finished reading it. The main theme is about life and its value - especially the value of an unborn child. Maybe because of my history and struggle with this very topic it touched my heart.

Kingsbury gently approaches the idea of the joy of having a child then given the diagnosis that will be fatal to the baby once it is born. She always allows her characters to show all sides of the issue - even her Christian characters. This story was less about Katy and Dayne, and more about Ashley and Blake. I so want to be strong and courageous like her (I know that she is pretend). To be rooted in her faith in God, to pray fervently and trust that the outcome doesn't make God any less than God.

I cried and cried at the end. Not because it wasn't a happy ending (it is sad), but because the possible impact a life can have on others. The amazing things that can happen when we choose to follow God in ALL things - not in just the easy things. I want my life to make that kind of difference - no matter how long or short it is.

Great read as always!


Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Happenings

Notes of the weekend:

*I got a chance to go to an all day Scrapbook event on Saturday - I got 14 more pages done! It was rather funny to be part of the cell phone connection. All of the ladies working on albums were interrupted at least twice by calls from husband or kids - myself included. A mother's work is never done.

* Charity progressed to the finals in sections for the 100 butterfly. She swam her personal best on Sat. of 1:11 and place 14th in her section overall. I am so proud of her. She has big shoes to fill with one of our best butterfliers graduating last year and swimming for the U of M.

* Sunday was a shopping day. Our list for the Wal-Mart was overloaded. plus we bought gifts for Christmas child boxes. The kids really enjoy this - mostly. We also went to the Y - trying to work on fitting into all the clothes I own. My wardrobe would increase immensely.

* Our church hosted a CD release concert for a worship CD they made from Sunday services. It was tons of fun - the kids thought it was too long. Sunday nights are hard for this kind of thing. On the way home the deer were out - around 8pm. I was trying to be aware and stopped for a deer crossing the road - not freeway- and at the same time I honked my horn. Like the deer would know what that meant. It is just a driving habit I have - push the brake and horn at the same time. Can you imagine what that deer was thinking? We all laughed..

Hope you had a good weekend. Let me know you stopped by.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

TIme of change

I have been busy finishing up the quarter at school. It ends up being a busy time, but not a lot to write about. Grades are entered and I prepare for another group of kids. I try to find some time to reflect on if I made a difference - did I connect with any of my students this term? I hope that it is a few. I know their names and some of the things they are interested in. Time is such a commodity.

I have been reminded over and over the past few days about living for the moment. Last week, we heard that a friend of my husband's wife died of cancer. They had only been married a year and she was diagnosed with cancer before they got married. They kept putting off doing things until she "got better" - but she never did on this earth. My heart aches for her friends and family. She was young and hadn't even lived. But, she kept living until the end. She did mission work, she helped out a church, she did her job, etc. I didn't know her, but I admire her hope - hope in the unseen.

I have also been trying to include some exercise in my life. I truly can't afford to get new clothes and every part of my body seems to be moving south. We signed up for a family YMCA membership because the daughter wants to swim off season. This will definitely motivate me. If I am there for her to swim, I might as well suit up and get some exercise myself. My husband is actually willing to join me. There isn't anything on tv anyway, besides, the elliptical machines have tvs attached. I can do both!

I think that is all from here for now. Thanks for reading.