Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passive Aggressive Cat

I am writing this post in response to the post at Cheri's blog. She was talking about the antics of her cat and it reminded me of our passive aggressive cat.

Her name is Princess. If a name ever foretold attitude, out cat would be a prime example. She is an only pet. She is more like a dog-cat. She is loyal and is waiting at the door when we come home (only because her food bowl is empty) and keeps a schedule. The time change truly messes with her. We usually arrive home around 4:30, but when the time change came a couple of weeks ago, she was pacing the kitchen at 3:30 expecting her food bowl to be filled. To bad cats can't tell time.

Another example is when it is time for bed. We try to keep a routine for the sake of the children and honestly I get tired early nowadays. But, sometimes on the weekends we will stay up late watching a movie, etc and the cat is again pacing - waiting for us to climb in bed so that she can sleep. It really isn't about us, but about her and her routine.

The truly passive aggressive part comes out when we have a fire going in the wood burning stove. It gets nice and toasty in the basement and we love it on these soon to be snowy days in MN. We have a rocking chair and this has become her spot when the fire is going. If you happen to be sitting there, she just sits in front of you and stares at you. No meowing or scratching, just a simple stare. It is strange to be forced out of a chair by a cat. I tend to just let her stare, but the girl will move and sit on the floor - they have bonded. I just find it hilarious!

Cheri, thanks for giving me a blogging topic for the day. What kind of strange behavior do your pets have?


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