Friday, February 22, 2008

Things that are great about my life

I can become so internalized and so reading encouraging blogs helps put life in perspective. I went to read Especially Heather who is conquering brain cancer. Praise God! She suggested writing down thirty things that are great about your life. I thought this would change my whining to praise, so here is my list:

1. I have a Savior that loves me!

2. My husband and children love me.

3. I have a warm house to go to every night (very much a blessing in MN).

4. I have a job that I enjoy.

5. I get to serve at a dynamic growing church.

6. I have access to good health care when needed.

7. Blessed with an abundance and choice of foods.

8. I had the opportunity to get a college education.

9. I can vote.

10. Blessed with a hard-working husband.

11. Wonderful in-laws that make me feel like family.

12. Daily access to a Bible.

13. Laughter with my children.

14. TWO dirty bathrooms with running water.

15. Wisdom gained from growing up in a single parent home.

16. Generous husband that drives the beater car so that I can have a reliable one.

17. Hugs and kisses from Eli at bedtime

18. Sight - being able to see, even if I need contacts/glasses/corrective surgery.

19. Freedom to listen to worship music of all kinds on public radio.

20. Hope and peace of knowing that I have a place at the table in Heaven

21. Thrill of seeing my daughter achieve her goals in swimming and in school.

22. I can read and have access to free libraries.

23. Good friends

24. Reliable and wonderful daycare provider for Eli before and after school.

25. Change in seasons - the cycle of life before your very eyes.

26. Exercise and movement (sometimes)

27. Respected by my co-workers and family - shown in words and actions.

28. Quiet nights by the fire watching a movie together as a family.

29. Family vacations - need I say more?

30. Freedom to post a list like this.

It took me awhile. I wanted to list those intangible things - because "stuff" just breaks. I hope that you will take some time to think of your list. Let me know if you post anything and I will come and read it.


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Liza's Eyeview said...

Great idea! I'll do this too.

Reading through your list, I can see how God had His hand upon you and blessing you. This post is very encouraging, I can't wait to do mine :)