Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cool Science - Lunar Eclipse

Okay, so I am a geeky science teacher and get excited about this kind of thing. I should have posted it yesterday, but alas, lately I am a little behind.

The total lunar eclipse occured last night around 9 pm CST. We were on our way home from Wednesday night kids programming at church as the shadow of the earth started to cover the moon. It is a slow process, but looks pretty amazing. My eight year old thought it was the coolest thing ever as the moon turned a red color in the shadow. (I could talk lots of physics here, but I will only bore my family with that useless knowledge).

Yet, my 14 year old looked out the window and said "Okay, I have seen it, I am going to bed".

For more "science" behind this, check out NASA's website which explains the whole process. It still confuses me a little with all the rotating and spinning going on.

Isn't God amazing! He showers us with His glory everyday! Take the time and thank Him for how it all work together.

Thanks for reading!

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