Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I now realize that I have not posted in a week. There is always that "to do" list, and much of it has been on there for a long time, so I have gotten quite a bit done lately.

Things that got done:
- Finally did a through cleaning of the bathroom sink and toliet. Charity does a great job on a weekly basis, but I am picky and need to do a deep cleaning every couple of months.

-Weekly chores like bills, laundry, grocery shopping, Wal-mart run, etc.

-Went skiing on Sunday morning. The weather was actually above zero which always makes it much more pleasant. Roger got his new skis and boots. We have been saving money to buy them. Every time we go skiing, we put $40 in saving - equal to ski rental. Now he has his own fancy new shaped skis. He says that they are so much better than the 20 year old skis he had. Now how to dispose of the old one....

- Laughed with my son while skiing. On the hill we ski on there is a dip before you get to the lodge at the bottom of the hill. On your last run, you just pick up speed so that you can make it over the dip and up the small hill. My son is tiny and can't quite get as much speed as his heavier mother can. So, as I went by him I held out my pole to give him a pull up. It would have worked if I had held onto my pole better. It was inertia in motion - I kept moving and Eli was stuck holding my pole. IT was much funnier than I am telling it. Almost cartoon like.

-Watched the SuperBowl of NASCAR on Sunday afternoon - the Daytona 500. Our favorites, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson fell out of the race toward the end. Good race - Ryan Newman won (at least Tony Stewart did not win..:)

-Went to the YMCA - we are trying to go three times a week. It is starting to show on the scale. I am down 8 lbs! I am now 10 lbs away from the weight I want to be. The last few is the hardest. I am actually happy with the 8 lbs - not really planned or expected - just a result of more exercise (even though it feels like I might die somedays...)

- Charity was gone for the long weekend with a friend at a water park in WI. She loved playing in the water (surprise, surprise :). It was quiet though. She only called to give me a hard time about the NASCAR race. At least she was thinking of me once.

I think that is enough. Thanks for reading.


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