Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer over?

Well, it truly must be close to the end - the shopping frenzy has started! Why is it that this always occurs before I go back to work? I don't get paid for another two weeks, but then school will have started. I always get a few things and then Charity saves her money to buy the stuff she really wants!

I am actually really proud of her shopping smarts. She has a limit of what she will buy and how much it should be - so out are the $50+ jeans. She works too hard for her money. Maybe I did something right here.

The boy did not even want to go shopping, but I made him come with me to get jeans. He just feels that it is a waste of time when he can be using these last hours of summer to play! To him shopping is just torture - trained up like any good male.

I return to teacher in-service days on Wed (big sigh). I always have mixed feelings about this - like I never really did everything I wanted to do. But, I must have done what God wanted me to do and that is the most important.

We still have a couple of "big" adventures ahead. We are going to the local amusement park on Tuesday with Roger's sister. That should be interesting. Let me just say that his sister is high maintenance and I am not. Roger said that we will just go and enjoy ourselves and not to worry about his sister. Amen to that!

The last hurrah every year is going to the State Fair. This is a big deal here - one of the best in the country it is told. Growing up in CO, we didn't ever go to the state fair. Maybe it is a midwest thing. Regardless, we go and eat our way through the fair and see pigs, cows and rabbits. What more fun could one have?

I guess that is all for now. Hope your back-to-school shopping is on track.


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Susanne said...

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has gone. It seems like it just started. We start school after the Sept. long weekend but it's been a flurry of activity around here getting our oldest ready to move for school. We did a bit of school clothes shopping on holidays. My girls don't like spending the big bucks for one item of clothing either and there's a great shop in the big city where they get good value for their money and the prices are within their budgets.

Our fair is this week, too, but we won't be going as a family. If the kid's want to use their own monies and go then that is up to them.