Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Fave Five

Wow! Has it really been almost a month since I last entered a post? Life has been full, full, full. I am going to include some of my faves since the last time just to catch some of you up on what is going on here at Riezzee's Place. Join us at Living to Tell the Story and see what others are enjoying this week.

1) Charity passed her driver's ed class with 120%. I would say that she is an overachiever. Like her mother? Maybe. She then took the big permit test and only missed one. She is now able to drive with us - her lucky parents. We started in the parking lot and have moved to city/country streets around our house. I am fairly confident in her ability, but I still push down on that imaginary brake pedal in the car. Tell me this will get easier?

2) Successful start to school for mom, dad and kids. Charity is now at the high school with me, in fact I have her as a student in class. So far so good. Eli has his first male teacher and has had a good time. Roger has a full load of unmedicated ADHD kids. He will be going through lots of coffee this year to keep up.

3) Got a couple scrapbooks caught up. This is so therapeutic for me. Charity now has two books completed. Working on getting pictures ready for this summer's activities.

4) Joined the neighbors on Labor Day for Garbage Can Turkey. Sounds weird but tastes delicious! They basically dig a pit and covered a turkey with a metal garbage can. Put coals around and on the trash can. Cook for 2 hours. It is like an outdoor oven, perfect for the 90 degree weather we had. Perfect end of summer feast.

5) Enjoyed a great day at the Minnesota State Fair. We ate our way through the fair like we always do. They moved some of our favorite food items, so we just tried some new ones to replace them. It is an all day affair looking at animals, art and hearing music. What total fun!

I think that is all from here. Thanks Suzanne for hosting.



ellen b said...

Hi Cyndee,
Ok #2 cracked me up, the part about Roger's group of kids :0)
And about the trash can turkey...I'm trying to get a visual in my head, hmmm.
It's been so darn long since I attended a fair! have a great weekend...

Susanne said...

Well, the garbage can turkey is certainly a unique idea. I've never heard of that one.

Good for Charity! Now the fun starts for you guys! My boy just got his license so that's a little nerve wracking letting him take the car off on his own.

Hope you and Roger both have a great school year with your students, coffee and all.

Lana G! said...

Wonderful list of faves! Unmedicated? WOW!
The turkey sounds delicious!

Have a fabulous weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Yes, it will get better (about the imaginary brake pedal) - my mom will attest to that! It's funny to read about your daughter's overachieving driving test. In my first test, the instructor said she suggested I go home and practice some more. Happy Friday!