Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I t is official

Barack Obama will be our next President for 4 years, with a democrat congress to back him up.

What will happen? Some people are hoping for amazing change - peace, freedom, prosperity - and Obama will be able to do it all?

My heart was saddened by the results. What is God trying to teach us? Is God letting us choose our own way? Has our country so turned from the truths of God to let us be led by such a man? Only God knows Obama'a heart and I may be spending eternity in heaven with him, but his actions and philosophies truly scare me. What is going to happen to the millions of women allowed and encouraged to get abortions? What will happen to our military personal so dedicated to the freedoms of our country?

Yet, I must trust that God allowed this and is control. He has seen the result of this election and knows the end of the story. Will the churches (us) step up and fill in the gaps and offer true hope beyond today? Is this the beginning of a revival for our country? Ultimately God will use whatever means possible to bring us back to Him.

Lord, help me to respect the authority of the new leadership and ultimately to bow down only to you. Help me to see your purpose in all this and to teach my children appropriately.


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