Monday, April 20, 2009

Rotary Dial Phone

This was an interesting moment for me last week.

The payphone - I know, hard to come by as is - at our community pool is a rotary dial phone. My son was playing with it as I was waiting for his sister after a synchro meet last week. He asked me how it worked. I was astonished at the fact that he would not know how it worked - yet, when would my 9 year old have ever used one? I only had one as a kid and then had touch tone as a teen when I really used the phone. Remember those long curly cords that stretched for miles? You could never lose the phone - just follow the cord!

Anyway, I stopped and showed him how you put your finger into the hole with the number you want and then push it to the metal stop and let go. He heard the clicking on the phone as it spun back to it's original spot. The boy can send a text message but is baffled by a rotary phone. It was just one of those generation moments that I didn't think would happen until I was much older.

It was an aha moment that I needed to share with all of you!


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Susanne said...

LOL. That is just too funny. We finally took the old black rotary dial phone out of our bedroom just a few weeks ago. We kept it for emergencies because unlike our other phones in this house, we do not have to go hunting for it because it has run out of batteries somewhere and we don't know where it is. LOL.