Friday, January 23, 2009

Fave Five #21

I so enjoy these when I get the time. I am just listing some highlights and favorites. Please join Suzanne and others for this fun activity.

1) Cut the Cheese: This was the topic of my 9 year old sons mid-week church group. Apparently, my son was not quite sure what it meant when the leader (yes, the leader) said that he did this. It is a group of 9 year old boys. You can imagine as well as I can the laughter that followed. I can't say that this is what I want him learning at church - but what do you do? They are bonding and somehow learning scripture at the same time - nothing wrong with that.

2) Non-scientific theory: I am conducting a non-scientific study - I guess that you could call it profiling - of my students. It seems that there is a correlation between a boys GPA and the height of his pants. I have found that many of my "low pant" students are under acheivers. Why is that? Is is a pre-requisite? Don't know, just an observation.

3) Unexpected school days off: We had last Thursday and Friday off from school for "COLD" not snow. The actual temperature in the morning was -23 degrees farenheit. This is very cold, but I was not expecting the phone call the canceled school for two days. We stayed warm by the fire and watched the Back to the Future Trilogy in one day. This week has been crazy at work because it was the last days of the semester, but it was worth it!

4) Weight Watcher Points: This is more a love/hate deal. We are making some food changes in our house. I don't know that I eat any less, but I am learning to eat differently. The things that I love have tons of points, so now I just save up for them (bread for example - one slice is two points - and I should only have about 20 points a day!) I am trying to be more healthy, not necessarily lose weight. I am down 5 lbs for now with 10 more to go.

5) Healed foot for Eli: Eli pulled the muscle in the arch of his foot last week after skiing. He took two days off school by Dr. order to rest it and let the strain heal. That means that he was in school 1 day last week! He is on the mend and he is walking almost normal now. We are going to hold off another week on skiing. Praise God for this.

I think that is all from my corner of the world. We are buckling down for another cold spell, I hope that I have some good books and movies in the house.



Brenda said...

I like your theory of pants and academic achievement. of course, the sagging pants come from prison culture where the men did not have belts and lost wieght, thus sagging pants. Makes you wonder!

Jerralea said...

I had to laugh when you said: "It seems that there is a correlation between a boys GPA and the height of his pants." I totally agree! I don't have sons, but if I did, I wouldn't let them out of the house without a belt.

Susanne said...

It's freezing here too. Brrr.

The pants theory gave me a good laugh.