Monday, January 12, 2009

Random stuff

Okay, I moaned and whined about the washer...It turns out that we were unresponsible and purchased the 42 inch widescreen tv on sale anyway. The price was amazing and we just know the price would go up with the superbowl and the digital conversion around the corner. We got the last one at our local Wal-mart. Of coursee the kids have been playing video games on it a lot! I finally had to claim tv time for myself. The picture is so big and the movies are amazing. NBC replayed the opening ceremonies for the olympics - the colors were amazing! Who knew? It was almost like going form black and white tv to color (yes, I remember that!)

We have also jumped on the Weight Watchers point bandwagon. My husband and I only want (don't really need) to lose 10-15 lbs. I think that we mostly want to start eating better. This is a way that will help us see how much we eat. I need to be careful, because I can get so obsessive about eating. I want to eat healthy - more vegetables (zero points) and healthy snacks. I like to snack when I am grading papers - a habit I need to break. I am happy with my weight - mostly, just want to stay healthy.

We went skiing yesterday and Eli felt pain in his foot after he went from his ski boots to his shoes. No idea what he did - no specific injury. We thought by heating and taking ibuprofen would help - it was still painful this am. Roger is taking him to the Dr. this pm. I am praying for good news.

That is all from here.


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Susanne said...

I fought the big screen tv forever but now I just love it.

Hopefully the foot gets back to normal fast!

Eating healthier is one of my goals for this year and that starting with healthier snacks for me, too.