Wednesday, November 08, 2006


As a teacher I sometimes feel overwhelmed by grading and always being in the spotlight. I truly believe that this is God's calling and somehow He will help me get the grading done as well as still having time for my family. I really try to leave the office at school and give all my remaining time to be with my family - even if some days that means vegging in front of the tv watching a movie.

Last week was the end of the quarter, so I was fiendishly grading finals and labs to enter during our workday on Monday. I had to make one call for a student that cheated, and decide to "bump" up other grades for the ever desirable "A". Ultimately, it may or may not matter. I have never had the opportunity in conversation to share what my grade was in high school Chemistry - nobody really cares anymore. But, to the college bound high schooler - it feels like life or death.

I know as an adult, that not very many things require that much worry or stress. I was an incredible case in high school - planning and plotting. I suppose it helped me get where I am today, but how much did I miss out on concerning relationships? It is truly a balancing act.

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