Sunday, November 26, 2006


I often wonder what we will do when Thanksgiving becomes my holiday. At the moment, Roger's mom gets the honor (or work) of doing the meal and having us over to her house. I get Easter - by my choice. I brought a puzzle this year and the kids fought over which of the 100 dish channels to watch. I would like for it to be a more meaningful day for us. The weather here was beautiful - in the 50's on November 23rd. We took a walk outside and Eli was riding his bike. It just didn't feel like winter was around the corner.

We did go to church on Wednesday. That was the best time to just sit and focus on what Thanksgiving is all about. I time for worship and taking of communion. Sometimes it is good to have time to focus on all that we have. Our past sermon was about having the "Good Life". In truth, we are living the good life and forget. My prayer is that I won't forget throughout the year. The Lord gives and takes away...

I am thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with - the best husband and kids, as well as all the material blessings. I know that this can change instantly. Lord, give me the strength and character to stay thankful...


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