Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, I will confess that I am a closet NASCAR fan. As a kid, I thought that this was the most boring sport with cars just going in circles for miles and miles. I suppose that this is still true, but I am now more interested in the strategies and position of the different drivers. I have also started reading up on the history of NASCAR. Okay, so it started from bootleggers transporting moonshine - aka Dukes of Hazzard. Well, at least there is a legal place for lead footed drivers to race each other instead of on the highway with us slow folks.

This obsession began with having a son. Eli likes anything that has a motor and moves fast - airplanes, fast cars, trains, etc. Roger was channel surfing one night and came upon a race in progress. Roger just liked the name of one of the drivers - Jimmy Johnson. It had such a ring to it. Eli watched the end of that race and Jimmy Johnson actually won! Jimmy Johnson then became Eli's favorite driver. Number 48 is now well known in our house. Charity's favorite driver is Jeff Gordon - because they share a birthday (I also secretly think that she finds him to be cute!).

I knew nothing about NASCAR three years ago, but Eli wanted to know more and when a next race was. I went on the internet and found out when the races were and learned about the point system and all. I started to get into it as much if not more than Eli. I liked that they prayed before a race and keep the drivers accountable off the track as well as on the track - unlike our american football players. It is definately biased - and aren't we all. Some drivers seem to get away with more than others from what I can tell.

So, the season just ended this weekend. We were cheering for Jimmy Johnson to win the Nextel Cup - the chamionship ring for NASCAR drivers. After missing it by points in the past couple of years, he finally won. It was a great thing - prolonged by many caution flags and setbacks. I hope that you get a chance to see it in February for the Daytona 500. My house will now get the cleaning it deserves and my family will have hot meals again on Sunday. It has been a great season.

God Bless


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