Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In my absence

I have not posted in a while since the girl has discovered myspace - she is chatting online. Maybe it is time to get WIFI for the house! Maybe I can save some money in other areas to be able to afford this.

Anyway, what have I been doing. I finally took a couple of days to scrapbook. I have been neglecting this. The weather has been so nice here that it is hard to stay inside. Also, this requires sitting - which is not always so comfortable for the tailbone even with the plastic donut. So, it finally got hot again here - in the 90's with tons of humidity and I sat inside and worked on my books.

I have several going at once - but don't hate me, I truly love to chronicle our lives. I finished Charity's school book. I will need to start a new one now that she is in 9th grade and officially a high schooler. Eli's is caught up as well. It is nice to get things sorted and organized. I am also working on the family book - christmas, birthdays, snowdays, etc. I am a little behind on that one. I am also excited to get our dam pictures - no real dams on the Mississippi - into the Dam album. I know, I am a little childish! A couple more stops and we will be done. We figure that our trip will be done by the time the girl graduates from high school and then who knows what adventure we will be onto next.

I also devoured the last book in the Firstborn series by Kingsbury. I will try and post a review later. I try to pace myself with her books - otherwise my family thinks I have abandoned them.

What else? Oh yes, I have decided to volunteer in our church's coffee shop to serve. Yes, we have a coffee shop with donuts, lattes and cappacinos. I am just starting to learn the register and move up to the fancy coffees. Could be fun!

I also helped my husband move some "free" wood. We use that in our wood stove in the winter. A neighbor on the next block took down about 10 trees and was getting rid of the wood. So in my wimpiness, I helped him load the trailer and pile it in the backyard. It needs to sit for a winter and cure. It was hot work, but we kept telling ourselves that it was "free". I am sure that we will appreciate it in January when it is 20 below.

I think that is all from here. I need to catch up on my blog reading. Thanks for reading


Mindy said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers Cyndee. I definately know that fear is from satan! He is trying to keep me from doing God's work in the here and now and just worry so I can do nothing.
Thanks for the prayers =)
In Christ -

Liza's Eyeview said...

I'd love to do a chronicle of our life too ... I'm just too disorganized to actually do it. I have some here and there....

Yes, get WIFI! :)

Susanne said...

Love Karen Kingsbury and have yet to start this series. Looking forward to reading what you thought.