Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More stories of SonShine

Here are a couple more stories from our family trip to SonShine.

1) During the Reliant K concert on Sat. evening, a person in an ultra light parachute plane was flying over and around the grounds. This band is extremely random anyway – so they just added it to their lyrics. “Hey parachute man – you must have done something right!”. It was so fun. That is why you go to live concerts, to here the stories and see what they are really like in “real” life.

2) We don’t stay on the grounds of the festival. We choose to stay in a nearby state campground. This gives us more access to showers – which I really appreciate after sitting in the sun all day. We usually show up in the afternoon sometime and hunt for a spot to put our chairs and listen to the music. Many people arrive early in the am and lay out tarps. This one youth pastor asked us to share his tarp with his group. He said that they just had too much space since most of the youth go up to the mosh pit at the front during the concert. It was such an incredible blessing to us! (Which reminds me – I need to send a thank you card!). We had a great view and wonderful time of worship.

3) At the festival, they had an inflatable park. You know, the kind with slides and such. It was $10 for an all day pass. Eli loves music, but having to sit is almost torture for him. He is an active boy. This was the best money that we spent all weekend. He even met some boys that he hung out with for one of the afternoons.

4) I am not sure if I should share this, but what the heck. We were driving to the festival, my husband had a dried booger and his finger. I offered him a Kleenex, but he had already flung it out the window. Can you even believe that! So much for the bumper sticker that says “Back off or I will fling a booger on you!”. Apparently my husband will really do that. We laughed and laughed over that – it was such strange behavior for him.

I am sure there is so much more to share, but that is all from here. Time to move on and wash those smelly sleeping bags and catch up on the housework.

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Connie Barris said...

Hey.. we are family... and MEN WILL BE MEN>>>

Now that the girls are gone.. it's all testosterone in this house.. and bodily noises, etc...