Thursday, August 09, 2007

End of Summer

Summer is going by so quickly! I will be going back to being a working mom come August 20th. My hats off to all of you that stay at home with your children – you truly have hearts of gold. I am just exhausted and truly ready to return to the classroom and some routine. I think that is more my problem – no routine in the summer. It is scary to say this, but I need to go back to work to get some rest?

We, my family and I, had a great surprise this week when one of my first friends in MN came to visit all the way from Israel. C, her husband and three kids spent the night Monday and most of the day Tuesday before they headed north to her parents. She has been in living in Israel for 10 years, I think, and so loves the people and the culture. It is such a joy to hear about how life is in another land and to imagine living where Jesus walked and preached. It is also a land with lots of political unrest and potential war – the stories of going to a bomb shelter are not a common occurrence anywhere in the States. She is safe and I am grateful that we had a chance to connect. It has been a couple of years and her kids are growing so quickly. It isn’t easy to stay in touch, but I really want to go visit and we have a place to stay and personal tour guides to boot. Now to pinch and save for those plane tickets…(C, are your sure you would be ready for this?)

Other news, my girl turned 14 on Aug. 4th and is having a “Spa Night” here this weekend. I think that it is just an excuse to stay up late and talk about boys. Oh, the hours spent… I am just glad that she has some good friends to share those things with. Afterall, I am the mom and just don’t “know” about those things.

Eli is busy finishing off his summer with a baseball clinic twice a week and swimming lessons. He was so excited today to tell me that he got to swim across the width of the pool. He is learning how to do the breathing part of the freestyle stroke – he says it is hard. I know because that is a skill that I still can’t do. I might have to take lessons myself.

Roger and I are attending a leadership conference at church the next couple of days. Our chuch is a sattelite site for Willow Creeks Leadership Conference held every August. Last year I heard some great pastors and business leaders speak on so many topics. I am excited to share this experience with my husband this year. Even though we are not in church leadership – it can translate to the classroom and other areas of life. Please pray that God may speak to all that attend so that the church my grow and glorify Him.

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