Monday, December 17, 2007

Size Fat

Just a quick story today. But is needs some background first. I get to serve in our coffee shop at church a couple of Sat. nights a month. That means that the husband is in charge of getting the girl where she needs to and getting the boy ready for church and meeting me there. So, they dropped her off at a friends house for a birthday party and headed over to Gander Mtn for an hour before church started. I am not much of a shopper, but 1 hour in one store doesn't seem possible. He found some long underwear for me - mine are more ventilation then insulation anymore. He wasn't sure what size - and I told him to get size fat. We laughed and moved on.

Then, last night we went out to dinner for our 13th anniversary (yea! we made it!). On the way home we thought we would stop again at the Gander Mtn together and get me some legitimate long underwear (I have been talking a lot about underwear lately - is this a trend?). So, we looked for size fat (I am really not - but some days...). We then went to the men's section. And out of curiosity I compared the size chart on the back of the men's to the women's. Okay, men are naturally bigger, but why is a women's size large and extra-large equivalent to a men's medium. Two sizes fit into one size. What is that all about? I think that it is a conspiracy to make women feel fat.

Anywho, we went to pay for the size fat long underwear, and while waiting I looked closer at the size chart. The measurements skip the waist size of 32". It went from 31" to 33". What does a girl do if she is a 32"? Buy the smaller size or the bigger size? Quandry. So I mentioned it to the cashier as we were laughing together (bonding time for me and the hubby). We had the same first name and thought alike - she said that you could get a belt? And what about women that have no bust? The smallest bust size wasn't that small. She laughed with us instead of rolling her eyes at us - this is good customer service.

We laughed all the way home. So, have fun in your size fat and enjoy the holidays. Maybe I will fit into the size extra fat by New Year's....


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Cheri said...

Umm - I'm trying to fit in less than a size fat sometime in the future, as opposed to fat plus....

Actually went to the gym today too - now that I can get air in my lungs again!