Monday, December 10, 2007

To wear underwear or not...

Okay, like I have mentioned in recent posts, my family and I have been going to the local Y to get some exercise. I will admit that I am the least willing participant - when what I would rather do on a cold day is curl up on the couch and read a book with a bag of chips/pop next to me. My goal is to not gain any weight over the hibernation period, better known as Winter. With my whole family holding me accountable, it might work out.

Anywho...the locker room at the Y is just like any other. A couple of bays of lockers, a few showers (with privacy curtains - not like the group things in high school), sinks, toliets, etc. Locker rooms do not really allow for dressing in private and I don't have a whole lot to hide at almost 40. If you haven't seen sagging everything, well then you are not almost 40.

I try to keep my eyes averted, respecting people's personal space. But to me it is odd to wear jeans with no underwear - it is odd to me to wear anything but a bathing suit without underwear. I had a friend in high school that did not wear underwear with pantyhose - thus the name panty in the name. Why do I mention this? Well, as I am trying to keep my eyes in my own personal space, I could not help but see a very tan (everywhere) young lady put her jeans on without underwear. Does this help with the panty line issue? I would think that the seams and such in the jeans would be irritating. Is this the price for beauty? I am not one to wear attractive undies (more the cotton brief type), but at least wear something!

Then I thought - what a great thing to blog about. What do you in blog land think about the underwear issue?

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Susanne said...

*shudder* I cannot imagine going without underwear under my clothes. But then I am over 40 so that might have something to do with that! 8v0

I used to know a woman in her late 20's who didn't wear underwear. Even under skirts. That is until, on one of our very windy days, of which there is a lot around here, in the middle of a busy downtown street it blew her skirt up around her neck. She wore underwear from then on!

p.s. Hope you like the shepard's pie. If your family hates it, don't tell them who you got it from, 'k? ;v)

Liza's Eyeview said...

OH I can not NOT wear an underwear! I agree, that would be irritating. I can't even wear the thongs - those are irritating to me to. I guess I am way too old fashioned, I like my panties. My hubby tries to make it more exciting by buying me the Victoria's Secret ones but he know what style I prefer - I want enough cover - no thongs :)

I can't believe we're talking about underwear on your blog - LOL!!!