Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December arrives..

with driveways and byways full of snow. The weather helps to make it feel like Christmas. I know that many of you that read are in the South where cold to you is 50 degrees - the high only got to 20 yesterday. That is why we are weathered Minnesotans - it is also why we put on about 10 pounds over the winter months - because of hibernating. There just isn't many people wearing bathing suits this time of year.

Just wanted to share a couple of praises for you today. I have been praying for a neighbor off and on to attend church with us. I am sure that she doesn't understand that being a christian is having a relationship with Jesus and not just going to church. I have been inviting her since last year. Well, she rode to church with us last Sat. night. It was great for me to see our church through her eyes. She honestly could not believe that this was church. I am glad that she had a good experience and I am praying that she will return. If you think of it, send up a prayer for her.

I am grateful for flu shots, but I will probably never get another one. I got my first flu shot this November. Because of where the shot was given in my arm I still have continued arm pain. The doctor is not convinced that it was the shot - but the pain started just after this and has gotten worse. It turns out after waiting over an hour in urgent care (my regular doctor was booked until next week) that I have a rotator cuff injury and need to attend physical therapy. I am not even 40 yet and the aging pains are already starting. It is such a minor thing compared to others struggles, yet God hears my whining and hopefully the pain will subside soon. The doctor said it could last up to 9 months - God, please give me courage.

I better post this now, or it will never get posted.



Cheri said...

Oh - there you are! I was wondering for Christmas preparations were bogging you down!

Liza's Eyeview said...

1) SNOW? - Merry White Christmas :)

2) Praying for your neighbor. I'm glad to hear this praise report :)

3) praying for you - I hope that arm pain goes away sooner.