Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Gift of the Magi (or the computer saga)

Well, I can finally write about this since Christmas is over. The Story of the Magi is here if you have never read it, and this Christmas seems like that to me...

I had this grand plan - to get my husband an iPod for Christmas. The rest of the family has one and he sometimes feels left out because of this. So, I did my research, and we needed to update our OS (operating system) to run the new iPod. Not a problem, or so I thought. I went online and found some new software that I thought (hind sight is wonderful isn't it?) would work. It turns out that it didn't. The new software only came on DVD and we only had a CD drive. I was then pulling my hair out - having spent much money on stuff that would not even work!

This is where I call in my techie husband. I explain my problem (without sharing why I needed this update) and he takes it to work to the tech person to put in a DVD drive and update the OS. This seemed an easy fix until the power supply went out. eBay here we come. The power supply comes in and alas - the computer is officially dead. The motherboard is fried. It could be worse, at least I had backed up all my data files before sending in to be repaired - otherwise all you would hear would be sobs on this blog.

So, I am thinking that I now have a gift that won't work. Roger could not wait for me to open this surprise gift. Guess what it was? A new computer with our DVD in it. It turns out that the tech person at work had an extra computer on hand that we can use until it dies - with a DVD in it! It will be cheaper for us to use it than paying to get rid of it. I am so grateful! We can now save for the machine we want!

He was surprised by the gift - and it was even funnier once he knew why we had a big ordeal with the computer. We are still laughing and joyful about it! The joy of giving and receiving - that is what Christmas is all about!

Blessings and thanks for reading!

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