Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I bump up against this often - the line between teacher and parent. I would agree with many of you that just being a parent is also being a teacher of so many things - manners, respect, scripture and so on. But now that my daughter will be attending the same school that I teach in, it adds a new dimension to this dilemma.

She is registering for her classes here at the high school. She seems to have a goal to be an accountant or a least someone that works with money and numbers. She wants to wear nice suits to work, commute and work in the city. I truly don't know where she got any of these ideas because it as different from me as possible (maybe that is why?). I think that every time we go downtown, she sees the women in heels all dressed up on their cells phones and finds that glamorous. I can see her point. But I also know the stress that these women have in their lives (?) trying to juggle work and home. I want her to find her niche. So, for now she is pursuing the business side of our offerings here at the high school. Who am I to say what her passions are?

So, I keep putting on and taking off the teacher hat as I advise my daughter and yet try to share my wisdom about taking "real" academic classes vs. something like "floral design" (which is a great class if you like that sort of thing). She is smart and capable and I want her to make the most of her education.

That is all for now. Blessings

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Susanne said...

I just keep telling my kids to seek God and ask Him to lay on their hearts what it is that He would have them to do because that is where they will be happiest. It is odd how they each have their own giftings and likes that are totally different from our own isn't it? Sometimes I wonder how on earth these children came from me. LOL.