Friday, May 30, 2008

Book Review - The Note by Angela Hunt

I am just fascinated by the wide range of topics that Hunt writes about. Many authors find a niche and write about the same kind of thing. Kingsbury loves stories about families and forgiveness. Blackstock is more of a suspense author writing about murders. Hunt seems to explore the range of topics.

This book is one of those books that hit home for me. It was hard for me to start another book because I just knew that it might not be as good. It just fascinates me the way she allows the reader to know just enough and reveals the whole story in bits and pieces. The story is based on a newspaper reporters search for the recipient of a note that was found after an airplane crash. The note was simple, it said "T-I love you. All is forgiven. Love Dad".

Hunt explores all the emotions and reasons why someone would want to receive this message and then also why so many turn away from that message everyday. The bible message is just that. A message of forgiveness and love. Who wouldn't want that? It appears that even the reporter is affected by the simplicity of such a message.

Hunt ends the book beautifully - never in the way you think. I was crying at the end - mostly because of my desire for such a relationship with my father.

I would call this a must read. Blessings.

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