Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This weekend we were invited by our neighbors to attend a first communion service at 10am on a Saturday. I can't really say that I was excited about this, but attended because we are friends. I would rather have been in a stuffy pool watching synchro sections (the girl made it to the state level in all three of her routines!) then in a stuffy catholic church. But, the girl gets nervous when I am watching, so we attended the communion service instead.

It seemed to last forever even though it was only an hour long. I just don't understand it all. I have learned from scripture that communion is for believers. How is it that all kids at 8 years old have crossed the line of faith? We allowed Eli to have communion after he said Yes to Jesus and asked Him into his heart. Eli was confused as well. Again, I just don't understand how the church has complicated such a beautiful and meaningful remembrance.

Eli summed it up at the end on the way to the car, "I can't wait to go to Club K-Rock!" This is the name of our elementary Sunday school program. We so agreed! What a privilege it is to live in a country where we can worship in different ways!

Just for the record, I am not anti-catholic. I just don't enjoy that kind of worship and tradition. There are some amazing "living" and growing catholic churches in this country. I just don't happen to appreciate that style of worship - or that of an extremely charismatic church either. I fall in love with a church that has edgy music (something with a beat not requiring hymnals) and a great message that points the way to Christ. I want my church to be useful for sinners (people like me) and not just those that are "holy". I love that my church is outwardly focused - for our community and the world beyond our borders.

I tell my students that don't like Chemistry that it isn't a waste of time. They now know that Chemistry is not for them. It has eliminated one of many options. It isn't always about finding what you do like, but also finding out what you don't. That is what makes the world so interesting.


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