Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Daze

It is not convenient for me to blog much in the summer. We have dial-up and the girl is often online downloading music or using myspace. We do have wireless, but it isn't very useful with dial-up since only one person can really be using it at one time. Who needs to be on the computer anyway when we can finally be outside!

What have I been doing? I think that the answer is a lot and a little all at the same time. I am still on the mend from surgery the end of June. Progress is slow and sitting is still a challenge - that might be part of my reason for not blogging. It is a challenge to type laying down or propped up. I can walk and sleep okay. I am just hoping that over time it was the best choice.

Eli finished up his baseball games the beginning of July. He has a great community ed team and the coaches are wonderful. They challenge the kids to play their best as well as other skills like respect, etc. He had this same set of coaches last year and we are hoping that he can continue with this coach for 3rd grade. My son is not the best player on the team - but he does love the sport. His team was took first place with an undefeated record! Way to go Eli! We also took him to a Twins home game. I thought he might get bored, but he really did a good job and luckily they won the game. It is always great when the home team wins.

What else has been consuming our "summer off"? For teachers, this is the only time that we get anything done!

We are doing a minor (major?) remodeling project. Charity's closet is mighty small for a teenage girl - not that I want to encourage her, but it was the smallest closet in the house with the smallest bedroom. The kids closets are back to back - Eli has the original Master bedroom which had a larger closet. Soooo, we knocked down the wall between them - which was the "easy" part - and had to add a closet space to Eli's room. I think that it will be nice when it is all finished. The wall and sheetrock is done. Need to tape, mud, fix the carpet, move some electrical and put in closet doors. So, we might be half through.

We have also embarked on a new stage in the teens life - she is applying for her driving permit. There are quite a few hoops to jump through - 30 hours of classroom time, written test, behind the wheel. Finding the best driving school is a challenge - based on location, times of classes and cost - plus if her friends are doing it? She is growing up, this is a good thing so that by next year I will need to chauffeur less for her swimming.

Otherwise, just spending some time in the yard/garden - mowing, etc. We had a fun time at a friends for July 4th, so I will end with this picture of Eli. Blessings!

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Cheri said...

I'm glad you're at least starting to feel better. Surgery is rough - I know from experience!

I'm so jealous of your remodeling endeavors. You can change a house to fit your family. We can figure out how to make do with what we have.

I ordered a closetmaid closet system that came in the is week. I have to "take out" the old closet first though. The 2 shelves and clothes rod in there have been painted over for the last 50 years. I'm trying to decide if it's worth risking damaging the walls to put the new system in.

I guess what I haven't decided is if we're goign to stay in this house after our 12 month lease is up or look for something else when my husband comes back. it's worth tearing up the closet for 3 years, but maybe not for 1...