Wednesday, October 15, 2008

40 days of growth

My last post was pretty raw and honest for me. What is strange is that I found an old journal entry from about this time of year from 3 years ago. It said about the same thing. I am praying and working on trying to figure out what triggers these feelings this time of year. Roger and I did meet together over pie (most things can be solved over dessert!). Our jobs/careers seem to have become our life - and working in education can be challenging - a blessing many times, but it does suck the life out of us. We have very little left for each other and the kids. We agree that our marriage is the most important relationship besides the one with Christ. We are going to try to have more alone time together and I need to share what is on my mind instead of bottling it all up. I am the type of person that needs goals and I feel lost without one. We are going to work on finding a common goal to work toward. Currently it is getting the children raised and out of the house. This is our season in life and I need to be okay with that.

So, this is the perfect time for what our church is doing at the moment - 40 days of spiritual growth. We are a large church (regular attendance of about 10,000 between our three campus') with a lot of new believers It is so exciting to see lives changed for eternity! That is our purpose as a christian church as a whole - planet wide - to share the good news of salvation. I once heard a christian comedian say that he had friends not want to say yes to Christ to just stay out of Hell. Well, isn't that the whole purpose of Christ coming to earth anyway? That is not a wrong motive to say yes to God's gift. I think that God will use whatever it takes to reach His children that He dearly loves.

I am off track already! The whole idea behind this 40 days of spiritual growth is to teach new believers (and remind those of us that have been believers for awhile) of the disciplines that will bring us into a closer relationship with God. We are encouraged to join in a bible reading plan which started Monday and I am still on track. Yea for me! The above link is for the blog where different pastors from the church share what they learned from the readings. This is a great series and if you don't live close by to attend, listen or watch online at I am re-learning and trying to apply to my current "crisis" as my husband calls them. I know that bible reading can't hurt.

I must go, but wanted to update the few and faithful readers. Thank you so much for the prayers!


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Cheri said...

Still praying for you girl!