Friday, October 17, 2008

Fave Friday #10

I have not done all 10 of these, but I pop in when I can. I so enjoy this, so here is goes.

1) Getting a couple days off for Teacher meetings. I am a loser and don't attend. My husband goes hunting for deer in N. Dakota and I shipped the boy off to Grandma's. So it has just been me and the girl. I haven't done much, which is the point sometimes.

2) Finishing a couple of books and updating my book review blog. Check it out here if you are looking for something new to read. I don't always have the best luck with books. I mostly just grab books from the library. Sometimes I reserve a particular book, but most of the time it is all chance.

3) Being able to actually watch Charity swim her 100 M Butterfly. I work the scoring table and usually miss it. I have a trainee for the position and left him alone to watch her swim. She is just amazing in the water. Maybe not Olympic quality for the rest of the world, but most definitely for me!

4) Still being on track for my Bible reading and enjoying it. I know this is a habit that I need to get back into.

5) Hearing my son tell me about his adventures with his grandparents. He went fishing yesterday and had a grand time. I am hoping that I am instilling in him a connection with them. I wish that I had more time with mine as a kid.

I think that is all I have for now! Blessings.


ellen b said...

sounds like you are using your time off well. enjoy. I love it when my kids get to spend time with their grandparents...

Susanne said...

A day of doing nothing sounds good to me! :v)

How nice that you got a chance to watch your daughter do the swim. Yeah for trainees!

Lana G! said...

A day off sounds super fantastic to me! Enjoyed your Fave Five!

Willow said...

It sounds like you had a good week! I love to watch swimming, but especially my own swimmers. I'm glad you got to watch your girl. There's nothing better than spending time with grandparents/grandchildren!

Robin said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing time to me. I'm from North Dakota originally - Grand Forks area!