Friday, February 06, 2009

Fave Five #23

It has been a busy week. Here are some of my favorite things this week.

1) New Haircut: I got a new haircut last weekend. I am trying to update my look. Here is what it looks like now. What do you guys think?

2) Great church service last weekend. I so enjoy going to church. He talked about eternity and why God "sends people to hell". Ultimately, it is our choice isn't it? If we don't want anything to do with God an earth, why would we want to spend eternity with Him? Deep questions. He also told the story about dying early and how 1000 years is like a day in heaven - so ultimately our loved ones in heaven don't have a long time to wait for us - "see you in an hour" is our most recent phrase.

3) Talking with my son. My daughter has been busy in the evenings this week and it has given my 9 year old son a chance to talk. The girl can be so overwhelming that he won't compete for attention. It is amazing the kind of thoughts he has. Still waters run deep. He is a thinker.

4) SuperBowl Commercials. I am not a huge fan of commercials in general, but I love the ones that make me laugh. Here is a link to my favorite one. The angry eyes on Mrs. Potato head just crack me up.

5) Bread: Yes, very general, but this is one of the items that I miss. I have had to limit as I count points and lose 8 more pounds. I am down 7. Yippee!

Those are mine! Time to go see what you all liked this week.



Susanne said...

Losing weight and a great new haircut! Looks great, Cyndee!

Isn't it funny how when you have a child who is the dominant personality in the house how much the other one really has to say when they get the chance? We have that at our house too.

Barbara H. said...

I hadn't seen any of the Super Bowl commercials -- that one is priceless!!

That is a neat thought about our loved ones in heaven not having to wait so long for us.

All of our kids are talkers now, but one was quieter when he was younger. I remember when his older brother went off to school, he was so surprised that people at the grocery store were speaking to him. He caught up in no time though.

The Correspondent said...

Great new haircut, Cyndee!

And congratulations on the weight loss. It feels so good to shed unwanted pounds.

Willow said...

Wow! A new haircut and losing 7 lbs! (Was it 7 lbs or long hair?:})

ellen b said...

Congratulations on the 7 pounds! Your new do does look very chic! I always miss bread when I go on a "proper diet" I'm glad there was some dead air time so your lttle guy could speak and be heard...

dana said...

Congrats on your weight loss and your new "do"!!

The commercials are the best part of the super bowl---however, this year, the game happened to be better than most of the commercials!! The one you shared is a good one!!

Happy FFF!! Dana