Friday, February 27, 2009

Fave Five #26

I am finally back again. Two days in a row - amazing! Join Suzanne at Living to tell the Story for this fun reflection on your week.

1) Ash Wednesday Service at Church. It is a wonderful way to reflect and have communion together. I also just feed off of the wonderful worship music. My soul is fed and ready to celebrate the resurrection of our king.

2) Snow. It is a hassle to drive in, but I love the way my yard looks after a good snowfall.

3) Music capable phone. We just got new cellphones (along with another 2 year contract!) and I picked one that is music capable. I have an old i-pod that no longer holds a charge, but I can do about the same thing with my phone now. It is such a nice thing when I am grading papers at school.

4) Snowblowers. My husband got up early and dug us out of the plow stuff so that we could go to work this morning. I am so blessed to have him take care of me - and the snowblower helps!

5) Baking cookies. Our oven has been out of commission for about a month - not a great thing in the winter months. I have been using the crockpot a lot and the stovetop burners still worked. We got it fixed last week and the first thing we made was cookies. Nothing like a chewy warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk to make life perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weekend.



Melissa said...

I am a big fan of a warm Choc-Chip cookie also! I think you have pulled my arm, I will have to bake some today :D

Willow said...

Somehow the baking of the chocolate chip cookie dough never happens at our house. We 'test' the dough waayy too much, so we end up with a scant one tray of baked cookies :)

The Correspondent said...

Hooray for worship and snow and digital music and working ovens -- What a great week, Cyndee!

Brenda said...

I love the new phones that do everything, makes life so much easier!

Sounds like a good week.

proudgrits11 said...

snow--can't relate.
cookies--want some!! :)

Susanne said...

MMMM, me and the girl will have to bake something tonight. Glad you're oven is back to working. I hate it when any appliance breaks down.

I need to figure out the music capability on my phone. I am so not techy.