Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Okay, when I first started blogging, I was totally obsessive about it. I would check my blog 3 or 4 times a day. Now, I am lucky if I check it once a week and make an entry. I wonder about that character flaw. Why do I latch onto something and obsess about it, then eventually I get bored and move on to something new? Strange - very strange.

I still follow a couple peoples blogs, but it did not have the connection power that I thought that it would. Maybe because I haven't kept mine up or but in the effort to connect with others. I guess that it is mostly an electronic journal for me. Does it really matter if anyone else reads it? It use to. I want it available for those that are involved in my life.

I have been obsessing with FaceBook lately. The novelty of that is also wearing off. I also can't get access to it at work - so less time to be obsessive. I am too busy at home to check it often - besides, dial-up kills me! Someday - maybe high speed... Facebook is a different medium and is easier to connect with past friends. The blog does not have that search engine capability - but is used for a more personal purpose.

So, what have I been doing? Here is a list

1) Volunteering at the coffee shop at church. Nothing like making mochas.

2) My job. I am grateful that I still have one. Cuts are happening everywhere in education and I am thankful for employment.

3) Working out at the YMCA. Haven't lost weight lately, but haven't gained either. Maybe this is my optimum weight.

4) Fulfilling my volunteer duties for the swimming booster club.

5) Watching NASCAR races. It has started once again. My Sunday afternoon alone time. It looks great on the new tv.

6) Housework/Bills/Grocery shopping/cooking/etc. All the "have tos" that moms do to keep the house in one piece.

7) Synchro starts Monday - that will be something new to add to the list.

8) Figuring how to text faster. That seems to be the only way that my daughter communicates.

9) Watching taped shows like Chuck, House and Knight Rider.

10) Watching High School Musical - all three. The songs are stuck in my head forever now.

That is all I can think of for now.



Susanne said...

I definitely blog for the friendship aspect. Sometimes though I go into phases just because of life. I find it hard sometimes to keep up both reading/commenting and putting up posts. It's all a balancing act with whatever is happening with life at the time.

I'm watching HSM 3 this weekend. I just have to know how that crazy series ends up. LOL.

Cheri said...

I understand. I like FB because I can pop in and out and it doesn't matter.

Blogging, for me, requires much more concentrated tought!