Thursday, October 05, 2006

Eli's birthday

Hello all! It has been a few crazy days since I had an entry. Eli's birthday took on mammoth proportions - and he only turned 7. Here is how is played out...

Wednesday - the day before his birthday, he jumped off the ladder of the neighbors bunkbed and hurt his foot. He was questionable to go to school the next day. This was not good since he was bringing Zebra cakes to share and some boys were joining him on the bus for his bowling party.

Thursday - the big day. He can walk on his foot, so we send him to school and hope that nothing is broken. No swelling or extreme pain like with the broken arm (10/2/05) and collar bone (8/15/06). He was actually just cleared of the collar bone two days earlier. Boys are definately different to raise than girls. His friends arrive on the bus, we bowl, have McDonalds, cake and open gifts. This was much more than I could handle. Roger was a huge help...

Friday - Eli gets a party at daycare. I arrive to plates full of uneaten cake (the frosting is missing) and a great gift - a remote control jeep. What a great gift!

Saturday - the party continues...Eli gets packed up to spend the night at Grandma's in Belle Plain (1 1/2 hours away). This is what he wanted to do. And Grandma and Grandpa survive. Luckily the weather was very nice - in th 80's - so they could go outside and play. He got to go to McDonald's again to a playplace - very fun!

Sunday - We pick the boy up from Grandma's and head over to an indoor water park. We played for about 3 hours - until he could play no more. He rode in tubes and body slides. His sister definately approved of his choice of family activity.

So, after 4 days of parties, we celebrate another year of blessings and joys with our youngest.

This week looks better, so look for further entries about Charity and her swimming escapades.

God Bless

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