Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Small Group

As I have mentioned before, we attend a large church. This is a great benefit for programing - especially for the kids. Eli loves to go to "Club K Rock" and play video games and sing worship songs. Charity has found a great small group on Wednesday nights with a bunch of girls that have interests like her.

The one problem is that you can get lost. You can show up and leave and never feel connected to another person in the body of believers that you just worshipped with. We, Roger and I, have been trying to find a way to know more people and get connected. I got to know some people by serving in the senior high ministry for a couple of years. Roger is now helping check-in kids for our kids ministry on Sunday mornings. These kind of things help the church body feel smaller - even in a crowd of about 8000 attending on a weekend.

Another thing that we have done is join a small group on Monday nights. We are meeting with 3 other couples. It is such a wide variety of people and lifestyles. It always amazes me! I think that I get numbed into thinking that other people have the same kind of life that I do. One of the couples lives in an older house, very blue collar, little formal education. Their house is comfortable, but on the older side. The second couples house that we visited was on what I would consider upper class. All the house was nicely decorated, matching furniture and everything. Our house is fairly small - 1200 square feet total. I was so nervous. What would they think? I don't know why this crossed my mind, but even as a bible believing Christian, these thoughts cross my mind. I am praying about not judging, especially by material things. Society has such a hold on that. Success equals stuff.

Just to end this, we are starting to make connections. I don't know how long this group will work, but we are putting ourselves out there. We are taking risks in the hopes of finding a couple to hang out with outside of small group time and possible create a deeper friendship. thank for reading.

God Bless,

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