Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tailbone Revisited

Here is an update on my aging body - it seems that the older I get the harder it is to recover from injuries.

I fell down my stairs last summer sometime. The pain got better and then it got worse. I finally went to the doctor this summer. I figured it would just get better on its own - not so much. The orthopedic surgeon that I was referred to said that it was a tailbone fracture that has now healed at an odd angle and is causing the pain. I got my first cortisone injection yesterday. I must admit that shaking hands with a doctor with your naked butt in the air is close to the most humiliating feeling ever - and I gave birth to two children!

If feels better today, but not gone. My next step is surgery to remove the piece of tailbone that broke off. Apparently it does not serve any purpose and will not be missed by me if it is removed. I am almost to the point of going under the knife to get this pain removed. It really is not much of an honor to carry around a foam donut to sit on in a fancy restaurant - undignified?

I am perservering through this, knowing that God is my great healer. I just want to be able to sit through a movie comfortably or do my scrapbooking without constant up and downs. Thank you all for the prayers and the doctors and God work.

Thanks for reading.

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Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...


I worked in orthopaedics a long time.. I don't remember ever removing a tailbone.. but... it's probably not common to see one broken and healed back like yours.. I bet that does hurt...

I think you can have 3 injections before you see if it will help... does it hurt to sit? even with a donut pillow?

Yea, I'd have to have something done too... that would hurt

I'll be praying for you