Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I was reading in my quiet spot (aka the bathroom) an article from a WillowCreek publication on restoring fallen leaders. Isn't it amazing that God speaks to us in such a variety of ways when we voice our questions. It used the same scripture about Paul in Romans 7 - about doing what we don't want to do. Sin entangles us. It did state that leaders are to be held to a higher standard since those following them are affected by their sin - not necessarily commit that sin. There is a possibility for division, anger and pain to those that follow. It also laid out steps to follow to reconcile the leader. I guess that was my concern in my last posting - how do you help the leader move forward?

Now onto a lighter topic. I work in a high school and I happen to have my work time over the lunch period. I work in the combined office of math and science. During lunch I overhear much more than I want to hear. A couple of ladies are continually complaining about what their husbands don't do. I must say that I am incredibly blessed to have a husband that willingly helps clean - and is actually more concerned about it than I am. I tend to be the slob. More of our arguments about chores are more about him letting me help out - otherwise he would do it all. I have come to learn that this is not normal - but is there really anything normal about my life? It is such a blessing to have him partnering with me in all this.

Because I am a slob at heart, me and the kids will often rebel - and he knows this. If he has conferences or something in the evening at school, we will eat our dinner in front of the TV in the family room. This can be messy - so we do our best to hide the evidence. He always finds out. Our mantra is "Don't tell dad!". We love you dear!

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