Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mole irritant

We have the plague of moles in our yard. We have tried every gadget available and can't seem to get the rodents - sort of like squirrels in that respect. I am sure that God had a plan in mind - something to ask at the information booth.

Last summer we caught our first mole. This was not a catch and release type of catching, more like and instant death kind of catching. Roger pulled the trap out of the ground and was surprised to see the limp dead body of a mole. He called me to "deal" with the dead body. I threw it in the trash (note:trash day was a week away) We did not have much success beyond that last summer.

The mole irritant saga continued this summer with the first mole siteing. I was planting the garden and I saw a mole above ground. I walked quickly (rarely do I run) and asked Roger what he wanted to do with this stray mole. He told me to grab a shovel. I wasn't sure why - so I asked him. He said to bash it in the head. So, when it comes to moles we aren't the most humane. So that was the 2nd mole - this to went into the trash and caused us to wash it down once again from the putrid smell.

The 3rd mole arrived drowned in our backyard pond - must have been suicide over the brutal death the week before. Roger then found a better trap and has managed to catch 3 more moles. Each time put into the trash - guts and all to fester until the next trash pick-up.

In addition to the moles, our trash has been the recipient to an unopened 4 lb rotten bag of pre-pressed hamburgers and a squirrel that fell into the pond during our week long vacation. Needless to say our trash-can is the cleanest in the neighborhood. It has been a great smelly adventure.

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Cheri said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. When we were selling our house (right down your street!) I called in pest control to finally take care of the issue. Three moles later, we were successful. I wonder if they a new mole family moved in later?