Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sharing the story

We are members of a large church in the Mpls/St. Paul area. It has doubled in size from 4000 to 8000 regular attenders since we started attending in almost 3 years ago. God is using the body of believers to reach our local community. We recently opened a second campus and it was already too small once it was built. Like the Field of Dreams said "Build it and they will come" - that has been true in our case.

Our prayer when we built our house was to be a light in the neighborhood that He placed us in. We finally broke throught the barrier of garage doors a couple years ago. We now know at least by name the people that surround us. God has provided opportunities for us to invite our new friends to church. We don't always follow His lead, but the more often I do that, the easier it is. At first, I thought this was all about the other people. God has been teaching me more about myself through this process. I need other people to survive in this world. It is about making friends and sharing experiences, hopes and dreams. God honors all of this.

I am hoping to spend more time reflecting on how amazing this God is that chooses to use us lowly people for something so great.

God Bless

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Cheri said...

We just started a Lutheran service here on our post in Italy two weeks ago, and we were up to a whopping 14 people tonight. Hopefully it will keep growing. Keep my brother and his family in your prayers - I'm hoping they return to church.