Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What about Grace?

I am totally new to the blog world and I was inspired to start a journal to capture my thoughts about what God is teaching me.

My husband and I were having a discussion last evening about Chuck Knapp "resigning" from the morning show on KTIS. We believe that the people in power at the college gave him no choice. His divorce was not allowed in their rulebook. Our question was what about Grace? Is Chuck Knaap in a position of leadership? Is allowing him to stay on staff too controversial? By staying on staff does that mean that divorce is "okay"? Or because we are Christians does that mean that we are now perfect? These are the questions that we struggle with.

We obviously don't know the details of why the divorce is occuring and maybe there is a greater reason that the college released him. We (as a couple) have just been so blessed by experiencing God' s grace to forgive us. God continues to use the gifts that He gave us regardless of our previous sins. When as a church are we going to extend grace to those of us in the body? We so easily extend grace to unbelievers because they don't know the truth - but what happens when they do believe? Do they stop sinning? I think that is a lot of Paul's stuggle with doing what he shouldn't do. The struggle between body and spirit.

My prayer today is that I am reminded of the great gift that I have and be willing to share grace with fellow believers as well as unbelievers.

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victor said...

this is neat! i want one [a blog]so i can cuss the world we live in too.and yes i am a god fearing man and have questions about some things he allowes to happen but i will always respect the decesions that is made and still beleive in his presence.