Sunday, September 24, 2006

Busy Week - like which one isn't

This is going to be an overwhelming week. I truly thought that when the children got older that life would be easier. I was completely wrong. Oh, to go back to the time when a cardboard box was the best entertainment in the world.

Charity is an avid swimmer and is committed to practicing and watching it on tv. One of her heroes is Micheal Phelps of Olympic fame who keeps breaking his own records. She feels free and graceful in the water and is a natural - unlike her parents that would prefer to have the boat come to them instead of swim to the boat. This week she has two swim meets. She has done a great job at balancing academics, church and swimming. We even encouraged her to go hang out with friends this weekend. She is so driven (wonder where she gets that?).

I am going in for a consult for getting Lasix eye surgery on Monday. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I want to be a candidate, but then can I really go through with it? Two people at work had it done and my pastor - who in a sermon even said "What are you waiting for?" We finally made it a priority and have some money set aside. Hope it all works for the best. What a miracle it will be to see without assistance.

It is also Eli's birthday this Thursday. He will be 7 and wants to have a party. We decided to let him invite a couple boys after school for bowling, dinner and then cake. His real treat will be spending the night over at grandma and grandpa's. He has been begging us. Now if we can just find a friend to take Charity - Roger and I could have the house to ourselves...

To top it off, it is Homecoming week at school. Therefore, the students will be more out of control then usual - all hyped up about the game. I get to relive it every year - and it is kind of fun. It is a hard week to try to teach anything though.

Hope all is well with you...

God Bless

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