Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aging love

This past Tuesday, I was the chauffer and responsible adult for my mother-in-laws knee replacement surgery. It was past due and she was in a lot of pain. She had orthoscopic surgery on the same knee last June. That didn't really work. Both my in-laws are blaming the past surgeon for not doing the right thing. Who knows? Mona, my in-law, can't really sit still -ever! I introduced her to scrapbooking a couple of years ago and she actually stood for most of the time she worked - quite amazing to me. I have a feeling that she pushed her recovery last June - because it felt better-but wasn't totally healed yet. It is more than likely a combination of the two. She had a different surgeon do the knee replacement surgery.

Roger's dad, Leon, is always a complete wreck while we are sitting in the waiting room. He truly loves Mona and depends on her for so much. He is classified a legally blind and cannot drive and can't really read or watch much tv without several magnifying glasses on and pulled close to his face. I often wonder, as a couple grows older, does the love grow sweeter or do you just learn to put up with each other over the years? We all have our "AS IS" tags, but you wonder if love can survive? My parents were divorced when I was five, I have been married 12 - this is his parents 45th year together and I wonder if it is love or just convenience that keeps them together?

As we were waiting with Mona before surgery, Leon was actually fussing over her. He was tucking in her blanket, making sure she was comfortable. It was such small thing, but done with such love and concern. She doesn't usually sit still long enough to be fussed over - so this was an interesting dynamic for me! In this small way, he was showing how much he loved her. His panic while waiting is a panic of fear -fear to lose the one person that loves him unconditionally - AS IS tags and all.

She made it thruogh the surgery just fine. It will be many weeks before she can get around on her own. This will give Leon the chance to shower love as her as she recovers and keep the marriage strong.

God Bless


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