Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I actually hate returning gifts, probably because I don't like to shop very much. I didn't have much money growing up, and shopping just depressed me. Charity has a much more balanced perspective - just because you shop doesn't mean that you need to buy. Plus, she is 13 and likes to hang out at the mall with her friends - I guess that I did that too.

So, in addition to the wonderful curio I got, Roger's sister and mother got me sweaters. I am thankful that they thought enough about me that they shopped and purchased. My own mother hasn't sent me a Christmas gift for years, so it is nice to be remembered. Unfortunately, both did not fit. I guess that they are under the impression that since I am short that I also wear a size small - not the case. We make a family trip to the mall - Charity was so excited to be in the mall with a cellphone! I go to return the two items - without receipts - didn't want to offend the in-laws (walking on eggshells around his sister as it is). One store offered me .98 cents for the item. I knew that she bought it on sale, but this was crazy. I then went to Macy's. My sister-in-law bought the item from The Bon Marche in Seattle which was purchased by Macy's. Not even a can I check into this for you - the customer service was horrible, and by this time I was extremely frustrated. THIS is part of the reason why I don't shop at Macy's - Cabela's has better customer service. I would buy a sweater from there anytime!

So, here I am trying to figure out what to do with these gifts that don't fit and I can't return. I finally just called Roger's mom and she sent me the receipt for the one sweater. I drove back to the mall - about 25 minutes away - I they still would only give me .98 cents since it was purchased back in February. Then I thought - who buys gifts that early? My mother-in-law. I sort of made a scene and explained that I just got it for Christmas and drove back there a second time with the receipt. I then exchanged it for and item worth $9.99. I was even willing to got over the purchase price of $19.99, but after the hassle I didn't. Again, what happened to the good old days of customer service? I have to get brave and call my sister-in-law for the other receipt. That might be a blog for another day.

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